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Welcome to Our Practice

At Wellness Dental Hygiene, we are dedicated to bringing smiles that radiate both health and happiness. Located in the heart of Bancroft, Ontario, our small yet vibrant dental practice is committed to providing top-notch oral care services in a warm and welcoming environment. With a focus on preventive care and holistic well-being, we strive to be your partners on your journey to optimal dental health.

Our Trained Aestheticians

Wellness Dental Hygiene and Organic Spa is a haven of holistic wellness and self-care, where the fusion of dental hygiene and aesthetics creates a unique oasis of rejuvenation. At this tranquil sanctuary, they take pampering to a whole new level. With their expertly trained Aestheticians, Jenna and Mallory, the spa offers an array of professional services that extend far beyond traditional dentistry. Whether it’s a soothing facial, a meticulous manicure or pedicure, precise waxing, or a rejuvenating spa experience, clients can expect an impeccable level of care and attention. Jenna and Mallory, armed with their extensive knowledge and skill, ensure that every visit is a revitalizing journey towards inner and outer wellness, leaving clients with a renewed sense of beauty and confidence. Wellness Dental Hygiene and Organic Spa is a holistic haven that transforms routine self-care into an extraordinary and luxurious experience.

Preventative Dentistry

At Wellness Dental Hygiene, we’re dedicated to preserving your smile’s radiance through our Preventative Dentistry services. By prioritizing routine check-ups, thorough cleanings, and personalized advice, we empower you to actively manage your oral well-being. With early intervention and practical home care tips, we’re here to secure the longevity of your vibrant smile. Choose prevention today for a brighter, healthier tomorrow, and embrace a future filled with confident grins.

Holistic Dentistry

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with Wellness Dental Hygiene’s active holistic dental hygiene services. Going beyond conventional oral care, our skilled dental hygienists integrate mind, body, and spirit using Eco-friendly products and innovative techniques to promote optimal oral health. From delivering personalized teeth cleanings to incorporating mindfulness practices, we actively prioritize a holistic approach that nurtures your entire being.



Periodontal Disease Treatment

Our approach involves the use of a highly effective numbing gel when required, ensuring your comfort during the treatment process. Our skilled dental hygienists are committed to providing thorough and gentle care, addressing the symptoms and underlying causes of periodontal disease. By incorporating advanced techniques and personalized care plans, we strive to halt the progression of periodontal issues and restore your gums to health.

Tooth Whitening

Experience the transformative power of our Teeth Whitening services at Wellness Dental Hygiene. Our expert team employs advanced techniques to brighten your smile, enhancing your confidence and overall appearance. With personalized care and safe procedures, we’re committed to helping you achieve the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. Illuminate your life with a radiant, confident grin through our Teeth Whitening solutions, and let your smile be a reflection of your inner radiance.

Oral Cancer Screenings

At Wellness Dental Hygiene, we take a proactive stance on your oral health, going beyond routine cleanings to provide Oral Cancer Screenings. Our skilled dental hygienists utilize advanced screening techniques during your appointments to assess your oral tissues for any signs of abnormalities or potential concerns.This essential service is seamlessly integrated into your dental hygiene routine, showcasing our commitment not only to preserving your oral health but also ensuring your overall well-being.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

At Wellness Dental Hygiene, we actively prioritize preventive dental care, and one of our proactive services is the application of pit and fissure sealants. Our skilled dental hygienists take a hands-on approach to protect your teeth from decay by applying these protective sealants to the grooves and crevices of your molars and premolars. This effective preventive measure acts as a barrier, sealing off vulnerable areas where bacteria and food particles could lead to cavities.

Wicked White

Embark on a smile transformation with “Wicked White” from Wellness Dental Hygiene and Organic Spa—an extravagant collection of professional teeth whitening systems and products that redefine oral care. Whether you’re seeking in-office services or prefer the convenience of take-home kits, Wicked White delivers unparalleled teeth-whitening results without compromising sensitivity. Tailored for both dental professionals and at-home users, this innovative line not only brightens your smile but also promotes overall dental health. With a vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and natural formulation devoid of additives or preservatives, Wicked White sets a new standard for organic, and wellness-driven dental care. Elevate your oral care routine with Wicked White, where the perfect amalgamation of science and nature ensures a radiant smile, whether in the office or the comfort of your home.

Nail Services

Wellness Pedicure-$58
Classic Pedicure-$48
Natural Pedicure-$42
Healthy Feet, Men’s Pedicure-$50
Junior Pedicure-$20

Natural Manicure-$32
Classic Manicure-$38
Wellness Manicure-$48
Healthy Hands, Men’s Manicure-$40
Junior Manicure-$18
Seniors Basic Footcare-$40

French Polish Add-on-$10
Gel Nail Overlay Fill-$60
Gel Nail Overlay-$60
Gel Polish Removal-$10
Gel Polish Add-on-$10


Waxing Services

Stomach Wax-$35
Bikini Wax-$30
Back Wax-$40

Toe Wax-$5
Half Leg Wax-$30
Full Leg Wax-$50

Underarm Wax-$20
Half Arm Wax-$25
Full Arm Wax-$40

Full Face Wax-$30
Chin Wax-$10
Lip Wax-$10

Brow Tint & Shape-$30
Brow Shaping & Clean Up-$20
Brow Clean Up-$15

Eco-Friendly Paraffin Alternative

Experience the eco-friendly indulgence of our paraffin treatments at Wellness Dental Hygiene, where we actively prioritize sustainability in self-care. Our selected paraffin product, renowned for its environmentally conscious properties, not only provides a therapeutic heat treatment for achy joints but also actively softens and moisturizes the skin. This mindful approach ensures a rejuvenating experience that aligns with our commitment to holistic well-being, combining effective relief for tired joints with a conscientious choice for both you and the environment. Opt for the warmth and nourishment of our eco-friendly paraffin treatments, where active self-care meets sustainability at Wellness Dental Hygiene.

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